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Great British Type Designer Stamp Collection.

“Why have they never done this?” asks Darren Scott of UK design agency, Truth. This self-initiated postage set makes a good point, they look great, and I think type designers are easily overlooked when celebrating design. I feel like petitioning Royal Mail to produce them.

It’s a good choice of glyphs too from each designer’s work; William Caslon, Eric Gill, John Baskervill Matthew Carter, Neville Brody, & Stanley Morrison.

This list of 6 represents jut a few of the many renowned UK type designers. Add; Jonathan Barnbrook, Ryan Hughes, Edward Johnston, Walter Tracey, Phil Garnham, Paul Barnes, Jeremy Tankard & Margaret Calvert, and you have a rough starting point. 

There are many nations that could easily fill 6 stamps with their type designers. Have you seen any other countries celebrate their type designers this way?

Answers in comments…

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